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Property Management | Candice M. Skinner Real Estate LLC - Lake Charles, LA

Candice M. Skinner Real Estate LLC proudly offers property management services to owners in the Lake Charles area. Whether you own a single property with management needs or multiple properties in need of a leader of their maintenance teams, Candice M. Skinner Real Estate LLC has a division of property management that can customize a solution for you.

We work to provide your renters and lessees with quality service while maintaining the value and integrity of your property. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs in caring for and renting your property. Trust our professionals to give your properties the care and attention they deserve.

Our property managers are prepared to handle all components of the property’s financial operations. We have experience in connecting properties with professionals who know what expenses require attention, including payroll for management team members and insurance premiums, taxes, and mortgage payments. Our team can also help manage rent collection and notification.

Property management also entails communicating with residents and tenants, as well a service staff on the maintenance team and within the community. Our professionals are accustomed to politely handling tenant requests and resolving issues as they arrive. If the property requires attention beyond those provided by the maintenance team, the property manager can contact the professionals who can tend to repairs and services.

The real estate expertise of our team enables property managers to keep properties occupied. We respond to vacancies by making availabilities known, communicating with potential renters and welcoming new occupants into your property. Our ability to advertise and make arrangements to keep properties filled is supported by the resources of the team and our place within the Lake Charles real estate community.

To learn more about our property management division, contact Candice M. Skinner Real Estate LLC team.